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“My friend John is always an optimist,we do business, traveling and playing together for over 20 years ,like a own brother. But He told me he was suffering lung problem cause heavy smoking for long made his life messy and almost ruined him. We were trying to find solutions, to quit or alternative smoking. Finally we got a vaporizer to alternative smoking tobacco.It changed him and he got better day after day. And i realized vaporizers is a good alternative to smokers ,good for health. I made a decision to create ATMAN vaporizers to help more people to enjoy healthier life .

Nilson Owner”


Atman vaporizers UK is a leading innovative company that specializes in manufacturing premium high quality portable electronic vaporizers. Since 2009 Atman utilizes the latest technology , designs, attention to detail to insure both original designs and perfect performance to our customers.

Atman’s professional customer support team is knowledgeable in all aspects of our product line,  No question or concern is too big or too small for our representatives. All products are covered by our 1 year limited warranty so customers can rest assured that every product is a good product.

At Atman, we listen to customers feedback and reviews to improve our products. With years of experience we know your business and customers needs. We have launched ourselves ahead of the competition and have revolutionized the Vaporizer industry!!!

Please visit Atman website or contact your account representative for new products .

Atman ,a trusted name in personal portable vaporizer ,boost your love and your life.


The Atman Team