Points & Coupons

Cash Back

1, How to  Get  $5 Cash Back ?

we offer three methods for you to get cash back ,you can choose any methods as following: 

 $5 Cash Back  Upload a 3~5 minutes positive video about Atman Product to youtube or Vimeo
Post a positive review about Atman Product on forum, such as fuckcombustion, grasscity, e-cigarette-forum, tokecity and others
Write an positive review for Atman product on your blog

★ Send the url to with Item number

★ We will refund $5 cash to you VIA paypal or CC within 48 hours


2, How to Earn Points ?

Atman Points are rewarded for signs up, purchase, reviews, joining newsletter and other promotional campaigns. It can be used as cash when you buy something on, 100 Points=1 USD.
 New registered customer  500 points
 Product Review  50 points
Purchase Products 1 USD = 1 Point
★ After successfully submitting payment for an order, your Focal Points account will be credited. Points can be earned on every purchase you make with us. Points will be relevant to the order amount. For every $1 spent, you will earn 1 point (rounded up). For example, if you place an order for $99.95, you can earn 100 points for the purchase.
video review 500 points or $5 Cash Back

★ Record a 3~5 minutes video  about  Atman Product  and upload  the video to youtube or Vimeo

Newsletter E-mail Subscription  Free get  $2 Coupon 
like Atman facebook page 50 points
★ like Atman facebook page, send a facebook message about your email

How can I use my Points?

When you’ve chosen your items and are ready to checkout, you’ll first go to the Shopping Cart page. On checkout page, you can use redeem Points to reduce order price.

100 Points equal to 1USD, and the points can be used to buy any product listed in our site. However, your redeemable max points are always 50 percent of the order amount. For example, the order total you have placed is $20 and you have 1500 Points, your available max points are still 1000 Points for this order.

Where can I check my Points ?

You can check your Points in “My Account”→”My Points”.

If you signed in when you check out on the shop cart page, you’ll see the quantities of points you have.


4, How can I Get Coupons?

1, Newsletter E-mail Subscription, Free get  $2 Coupon

2, Occasionally, you’ll find some discount coupon code on the website promotion sale Page.

Are there any requirements to use a coupon?

Yes. We have some requirements for using a coupon and we’ll communicate this with you when we release the coupon.
The requirements include:

-The expiration time
-The amount of purchase required to use the coupon